‘Suits’ 2×16 – War Captures…

Finally, I’ve added the missing captures to the gallery of Meghan in the Suits finale that aired earlier this year. I definitely wanted to get them up for you all before the season premiere that will be happening soon! So make sure you check them all out and relive the HOT Rachel & Mike scene from the finale of Suits.

Gallery Link:
– Meghan Markle Fan > Filmography: Television > Projects > Suits > Season 2 > Screen Captures > 2×16 – War

USA Sets Summer Premiere Dates!

USA has set Summer premiere dates for their hit series and Suits is among them. Here’s the details…

USA Network today set a series of return and premiere dates for the summer. Burn Notice will be back for its seventh season on June 6 at 9 PM. The spy drama will be followed that night by the premiere of the new Graceland at 10. Created by White Collar creator/executive producer Jeff Eastin, the one-hour drama chronicles a group of agents from various federal law enforcement departments who are forced to work and live together undercover. Royal Pains is back for a fifth season on June 12 at 9 PM. That’s followed by the Season 3 premiere of Necessary Roughness at 10. Covert Affairs returns for a fourth season on July 16 at 9 PM, with the third season of Suits back the same night at 10 . USA also adds a new reality series, with Summer Camp debuting sometime in July. The unscripted series from Allison Grodner, Rich Meehan, Fly on the Wall Entertainment and Sony Pictures TV follows 16 contestants at a lakeside retreat who battle in competitions inspired by classic camp games.


Suits: 2×16 ‘War’ Episodic Stills Added

I’ve added 3 stills from the season finale of Suits airing next week.

Gallery Link:
Season 2 > Episodic Stills > 2×15 – War

Suits: 2×16 ‘War’ Video Preview

Check out the video preview of next week’s all new Suits season finale!

Suits: 2×15 ‘Normandy’ Captures Added

I’ve added 200 HD captures from the newest episode of Suits into the gallery.

Gallery Link:
Season 2 > Screen Captures > 2×15 – Normandy

Meghan talks traveling, vacations and food with Chicago Tribune!

Check out Meghan’s full interview over at CHICAGOTRIBUNE.COM

Q. As a child, did you ever wish you could go on more conventional trips like you friends?
You know, this is all I knew. Just like being an only child was all I knew. I was always aware of how unique and cool it was that my mom got to take me to all these cool places because of her job and connections. It was so much fun traveling, primarily with my mom. I never felt envious of the more cookie cutter-type of vacations, although I’m sure those would have been wonderful, too. But my mom never wanted me to just go to a resort and not leave the property, and think that was all there was to visiting a foreign country. We liked going to Oaxaca, Mexico, and tried to really get an authentic cultural experience.

Q. What has traveling taught you?
It really shapes you from a young age and makes you really empathetic of people of whatever culture, wherever they’re from. It made me much more courageous to take myself out of a sheltered bubble. I moved to Argentina at 21 and worked for the U.S. Embassy. And then I went to Madrid. My dad’s a lighting director. Growing up in Hollywood, I was around the entertainment industry all the time. I knew I’d end up in show business in some capacity, eventually. But when I was young, I knew I wanted to try something else. So it was wonderful to be in the foreign services and live in Buenos Aires. I think that kind of life experience can only help in your performance as an actor.

Q. What’s the most important thing you’ve learned from your travels?
That you should just go! It doesn’t have to be a fancy or expensive trip. Some of the best trips of my life, I’ve paid for in pennies. When I was a student at Northwestern University, people were doing the quintessentially spring break to Cabo San Lucas. I backpacked with a friend through France and then went to Italy. We nickeled and dimed it, because we wanted to see the world. You gain new friends everywhere. Traveling gives you some perspective of what the rest of the world is like. I think that having the courage to step out of the norm is the most important thing.

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